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OROS in Action

Measuring Building Vibes are a Blast with OROS Analyzers

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The largest rocket ever launched from the West Coast blasted off last Thursday with a classified defense satellite on board. The 235-foot-tall Delta IV Heavy Launch Vehicle from Boeing lifted off at 1:10 p.m. carrying a payload for the National Reconnaissance Office.
Since the launch was breaking new ground for heavy lift capability in the nation's western range, several critical buildings were required to have their vibrations monitored.  OROS equipment was called upon to acquire vibration data by the building vibration consultants in-charge.
Said Chris P. and Roman W., "It was a stressful test because there were no do-overs for the vibe data we needed.  The launch lasted 30-seconds and it was crucial we get the data.  Thanks to the OROS reliability, we were able to get the data we wanted and safely monitor from a separate location; 10-miles away".
OROS, known for its active development program, has recently launched several new capabilities for its ubiquitous noise & vibration analyzers.  One recent breakthrough is the satellite SmartRouter. The SmartRouter allows an OROS system to be utilized from afar; even across the globe.

Scott Musgrove, Senior Technical Specialist at OROS, added:  "Our instruments are in favor with anyone testing critical items.  In this particular case, real-time third octave vibration velocity spectra were acquired simultaneously with the raw, time-domain data.  The user gets the best of both worlds:  immediate signal processing and a recording either for archival or post-analysis purposes.  Thanks to the built-in DSPs, OROS equipment is capable of handling both tasks with equal ease."

Northrop Grumman Acquires OROS VibeMasterâ„¢ Technology, the scalable networking solution for large channels count configuration
Recently, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding (NGSB), a division of the renowned defense company, has invested in multiple OROS analyzers with access to the latest vibration measurement technology: the VibeMasterâ„¢.
The Newport News based Northrop Grumman division has been designing, building, overhauling and repairing ships primarily for the US Navy and the US Coast Guard. To meet Northrop Grumman’s needs, VibeMasterâ„¢ offers the perfect solution. An easy and quick way to set up the analyzers, record the data on a minimum of 64 channels (2 analyzers) while simultaneously monitoring the spectral results on all channels. When multiple analyzers are not required, the analyzers are available to be indepently used on other tests (field and lab tests).
The Noise and Vibration Test Group was amazed by the real-time, multianalyzer capabilities of the VibeMaster system. “That was nice in that we could capture two FFTs, one low frequency and one high frequency with 2 different levels of resolution.  It was extremely handy when dealing with turbine, reduction gears and main shafting test”, reported Frank K, a senior engineer at NGSB.

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